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    Hi everyone,

    I am a novice with this so please keep this in mind and my apologies if I’m not too familiar with the lingo! I’m hoping my question has a simple answer…

    I am wondering if it is normal to use so much of my ISP data when updating my blog? I can easily use 4GB per day. I first started and used about 6GB per day at work (we quickly ran over our limit, oops!).

    – I’ve had my blog about a week and have next to nobody reading it
    – I’ve searched google and the forums for days and have come up with a bunch of possibile options (most quite techy for me!) and they usually refer to excessive bandwidth from too many visitors
    – I am happy to move to self hosting if that helps, not too keen on the tech side whilst I’m learning tho but will give it a go.
    – I do have a few widgets installed
    – I have several images, all but one were uploaded after I noticed the excess usage

    Anything I’ve managed to find that slightly relates to this doesn’t seem to fit my newbie circumstances. Hope someone can help! Thanking you in advance.


    The blog I need help with is sosweetcollective.wordpress.com.



    I really can’t say about your bandwidth issues with your ISP. Bandwidth allowance at WordPress.com is infinite. There is nothing unusually bandwidth-hogging on your blog that I can see.

    If you are downloading videos or something, that’s not a WP.com issue, but would account for the problem.


    Thanks for your response, greatly appreciate it. Will delve a little further!

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