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  1. kimberleyfatima


    I want to buy the personal theme for 80 US dollars. When I press paypall and I choice my country wordpress exchange the 80 US dollars for 80 euro. But 80 US dollar is 60,70 in euro. This is a big different. I don't wanna pay 20 euro more for the theme. Can you solve this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. PayPal should do the conversion at some point in the process to Euros.

    What country are you clicking on?

    i have flagged this for staff attention just in case

  3. Are you based in Europe?

    Note that the currency rates are not automatically calculated by using the official exchange rate, but manually defined taking into consideration several parameters: exchange rate, rounding requirements, etc. The fact that our EUR and USD prices are identical numbers is just a coincidence due to the exchange rate corresponding to the above parameters.

    These rates are not set in stone though, and we’ll do our best to optimize and reduce them wherever possible.

    Thank you.

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