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Excited About Something New Just Started On Blog

  1. ladyoftheabyss

    I am sorry but I had to start a new post. I am so excited about something I just started on my blog. I love for my readers to participate on my blog and they do. But to get more participation, I just started "Show Me Some Love!" The way it works is, I post a graphic that says, "Show Little Old Me Some Love!" Then my readers go through and find their favorite posts for the day. They hit the "Like" button. The one at the end of the day that has "Liked" the most posts get a surprise from me. I have promised to make the winner a tag or siggie for their effort and to show my appreciation. I love doing graphics and not to toot my own horn, I am pretty good at it too. So you got a minute come over and check it out. I warn you, it is a witchcraft site but I believe you can find something of interest. It is a site that won't offend you, I promise.

    I hope you will stop by, visit and have some fun with us! The first "Show Me Some Love" pic has already been posted for the day!

    Show Me some Love

    Witches Of The Craft

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Love the blog dear. Excellent work!

  3. ladyoftheabyss

    Thank you so much. I enjoy your visits to my blog and also enjoy your comments. I am so glad you found my blog and I consider you a dear friend.

    Thank you for your encouraging words, love and support,
    Blessing to you and yours,
    Lady A

  4. ladyoftheabyss

  5. ladyoftheabyss

    I have to just drop a quick note in here. There is a lot more to my blog than just this and Witchcraft. I have information on your Horoscopes, Tarot, Runes, Herbs, Pet Care, Natural Remedies and Products for the House (you can make & save money) and even a cologne recipe or two. I have some that visit for that information, I provide. Their not interested in Witchcraft, so they just pretend it isn't there. For those that are interested in The Craft, they are in for a treat.

    It doesn't matter to me if you are into the Craft or not. My point is that I want you to see the truth about Witches and Witchcraft. I want you to know you have been lied to and dislead about us. We are just people like you. All we want to do is be accepted.

    Oh, my I almost forgot, not!

    "Show Me Some Love" is up and running comes on over and play. I would love to have you!

    "Show Me Some Love,!"

  6. ladyoftheabyss

  7. ladyoftheabyss

    Well I took yesterday off and up-dated my blog. It has alot of new material on it, not to mention the new look. Check it out, it is pretty cool (well, in my opinion, lol!).

    "Show Me Some Love" is now officially up and open. Come on over and play. Perhaps you will receive a winning tag/siggie in your email! You can't win if you don't play!

    "Show Me Some Love"

  8. ladyoftheabyss

    We are still playing "Show Me Some Love." But I thought you might be interested in your daily horoscopes or your weekend Love horoscope. Come on over and check it out! There is a lot going on, I promise you!

    Is There Love In The Stars For You This Weekend?

  9. ladyoftheabyss

    Today's horoscopes are now posted on the blog. If you haven't had a chance to check out the blog's new look, come on over and check it out. Also while you're there play.....

    "Show Me Some Love"

  10. ladyoftheabyss

  11. ladyoftheabyss

    Yoohoo! Just little old me! Thought I would stop by and let you know the "Show Me Some Love" post is up. I got to thinking, I know not everyone is Pagan. So that might hold you back from playing the game. You know you might think you are going to get a Pagan tag, that's not true. I have been emailing the winners and asking them what kind of tags they want. I give them a little bit and they email me back with their answer. So you see you can have any kind of pic you want. I hope you will come over, play and see what we are about. Goddess Bless You!

    "Show Me Some Love"

  12. ladyoftheabyss

    Good afternoon, dear ones! It is just me again. I wanted to let you know that the "Show Me Some Love" Post is up. Also the horoscopes are up, What effect Mars have on Aries, Who is Solomon Grudge and much, much more. While you are there playing check out some of the other posts. Pretty interesting topics today. Also just in a second when I get back, I am going to put up some green tips. Hope to see you there!

    "Show Me Some Love, Love, Love!"

  13. mymanicmoments

  14. ladyoftheabyss

    Well I agree Bi-Polar Disorder and Anxiety is not pretty messy. It is a horrible way to live. My daughter had a boyfriend that was Bi-Polar. On his medicine, he was fine. Off of it, he was a monster. He had a bully personality to start with. Being off the medicine, his personality just seemed to be twice as bad.

    I can understand you wanting to get the message out about these Disorders. But I do not think doing it this way is the proper way to do it. You need to start you own post and promote your site that way. You definitely do not need to do it on a site promotion such as this. It is very rude and inconsiderate.

    If anyone is interested, I have just posted the "Show Me Some Love" pic for the day! Also the weekend love horoscopes are up. See if there is love in the future for you. Plus much more......

    Show Me Some Love, Yeah, Baby!

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