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    I am struggeling with this for a while. I want separated posts on my other pages just like on my homepage. I read that this is not possible so I made a menu and by home i exclude the categorie inspiratie, This just doens’t work
    so my question is.
    how can i post seperated post on a normal page
    or how can i exclude a categorie from my homepage

    hope someone knows the answer!

    The blog I need help with is rabbitshapedclouds.com.



    If you do not assign Categories to posts they cannot appear on them. If you do assign them to posts then when the posts are on your front page or whichever page you use for displaying posts they will appear on them.

    There is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that one page. But we can create the appearance that we have posted to more than one page.

    We organize our posts by assigning Categories to them. When we publish a post it automatically appears on the running page for posts and also on the Categories pages and Archives pages. Note: There must be one published post in each Category in order for there to be anything to display.

    A custom menu allows you to display Categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation where normally only Pages tabs are displayed. If you wish you can also include Pages and custom links in your custom menu as well.


    thank you for your answer, I understand what you are saying and i made a custom menu. But if I am right, I can’t make a post not appear on my running page? and let it appear on the categorie tab?



    That’s correct. Every published post will appear (1) on the running page for posts (2) on the Category pages assigned to it (3) one the Tags pages assigned to it and (4) In the Archives pages. This cannot be changed.



    In other words, there is not way to have a post appear only on a Categories page and not on the running page for posts.


    What you can do is to create a static front page for your site and then include other categories in the top navigation that would show only the posts that you wanted and then people can click on those categories to get a listing of only the posts in that particular category.


    Sorry, I forgot to include the link to the support document for static front pages.

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