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Excluding posts from recent posts

  1. Is it possible to have it so that certain posts don't show up on the recent posts widget? Some sort of exclusion?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, it shows just that, recent posts. You can adjust the number it shows in the widget, but you cannot exclude.

    The only way to do something like that would be to code your own using a text widget and then manually update it each time you made a new post and take off old ones and add new ones.

  3. @djordan,

    You can do it automatically using a different method.

    Add a category/tag to the posts that you would have wanted in the "recent posts" widget.

    Say, the chosen tag/category is "recent".

    Create an rss feed for "recent".
    Just add feed/ after the url of the category/tag page of "recent"
    For example:

    Now if you add the rss for "recent" in your side bar using an rss widget, that rss feed will show only the recent posts you choose.

    Give the rss feed a title: something like "Recent posts" may be.

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