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    At present only one theme – Duotone according to searching theme with EXIF in the tags – displays the basic EXIF (Aperture, Focal Length, ISO, Shutter and Camera) for photos in a post.

    For photography themes it would be great in my view if 1) more of the themes included this and 2) this was a configurable on/off option (not everyone wants to display the EXIF) either generally in the theme setup, or as part of the information against each uploaded photo.

    I thought about tagging my images with the EXIF and it was just too, too tedious to do, plus the way it gets presented is nothing like as neat as the EXIF in Duotone – I use often tags for other things as well and it gets lost among them.

    The blog I need help with is fifescapes.wordpress.com.



    Hello there,
    Themes Staff do monitor threads in this forum and will reply to your suggestion when they can.


    That’s a great suggestion. We’ll take it under consideration.






    Looking forward to new and/or amended themes! Would love it to be added to the AutoFocus theme, but 2011 and similar would be great with it as well. Suspect it needs some way of controlling it – maybe a ‘photo page’ post template which displays it for images on that page.


    would love this EXIF feature for Autofocus also! (Tumblr seems to handle it well)

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