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EXIF/Metada Come and Gone

  1. Hi...

    I always upload my photos with EXIF intact. However, recently it becomes inconsistent -- some of the photos are missing the EXIF(s).

    Here are the examples on my blog:
    - Posts dated 15 and 16 October have EXIF
    - Post dated 17 October doesn't.
    - Post dated 18, 19, 22 October have EXIF
    - Post dated 23 and 24 don't.

    For more information, I always upload the photos/posts using the same methods. I edit the photos and then resize it to 950 pixel at the longest (the theme can get up to 960 pixels). I then use BlogDesk to upload them. It works okay until recently.

    Is this WordPress issue or BlogDesk? Any help? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Update: I tried upload a photo directly to WP, and the EXIF is gone. Is there an option if I want to keep the data? Thanks.

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