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    Hello everyone…

    I have two conundrums…

    I am a complete non-techy person, only speak english and not computer, so I need patient help please.
    I have a blog on wordpress.com. I have a website domain on freezone. I have done all the necessary (I think) to get my blog onto my website domain (patternsoflight.net) and the final stage is to actually make it appear on my site at freezone. I honestly have been trying for hours to do this. Can someone please give me a step by step fools guide… which button to press and then which next button kind of thing. Sorry but I really do want help. Freezone have helped me as much as they can thus far.

    The website now shows a holding page (sample page) for wordpress and if any visitors to my site click on it, they of course get taken to wordpress.com or .org !!!

    Also, I have finally sussed the difference between .com and .org. I want .org and have downloaded the software (so I think… can’t find it through my spotlight (iMac) facility though! I need to be able to publish different sections within patternsoflight.net website and will need plugins eventually.
    Any help will be very gratefully received.
    Many many thanks
    Cath xx

    The blog I need help with is cathchandler.wordpress.com.

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