Existing Domain Name and WordPress Themes

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    I am trying to apply a wordpress theme on my existing domain but am unable to do it. I followed the instructions last week on adding a domain to blog and did the DNS. Now I have no idea how I can apply a wordpress theme to this domain. It only gives me the option on choosing the primary domain. When I choose my existing domain name as primary it only takes me to the webpage of the domain. Can someone please guide me on how to apply wordpress themes on existing domains. thank you so much

    The blog I need help with is focusbuildingsolutions.co.uk.



    You need to tell us the URL of the blog in question, and the name of the theme, and where you’re getting the theme from.



    I created a blog with wordpress and the url is focusbuildingsolutions.wordpress.com .

    I thought that if I add the existing domain name of the company in wordpress (www.focusbuildingsolutions.co.uk) I would be able to set it as primary and then customise it in wordpress. Is it achievable?



    Depends what you mean by “customize” and the extent of your CSS skills. You cannot add a theme from anywhere other than your dashboard Themes page to a wordpress.com blog if that’s what you’re wondering.

    Changing the domain name is literally only that: changing the domain name. It doesn’t exempt you from any of the other restrictions here.


    Ok, so what steps do i need to follow If I want to apply a theme from wordpress e.g. the Pinboard theme to focusbuildingsolutions.co.uk?



    You need to hire paid hosting, export your blog here to that host, set the blog here to private, take over all updating, security, and technology responsibility at your new site, and then install the theme there.


    Ok – thank you so much for your help.

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