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    readytoorderguide.com is my web page. How can I use my web domain to go directly to the wordpress web. There is anyway I can connect that. Pratically you click on readytoorderguide.com and people see my blog on word press. And I can youe your link in the blob to make them use specific information on my real web page




    I’m a bit confused here. If you use readytoorderguide.com for your blog here, no one will be able to see your current page because the domain will be in use here.

    You can do something like point blog.readytoorderguide.com to your blog here. Folks do that. Within your DNS setup, create a CNAME record for blog.readytoorderguide.com and point it towards readytoorderguide.wordpress.com. On this end, go Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domains and enter blog.readytoorderguide.com into the space and follow the instructions. That’s $10 a year.

    Friendly reminder though that not having original content here and making folks go elsewhere to a single site is usually frowned upon around here as that’s an SEO trick and would qualify your blog as a spblog. You may want to bounce that off of staff via a feedback.

    Hope this helps,

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