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Existing Google Aps Email Question

  1. If I have already been using Google Aps for my email on a Domain which I re-direct to (through an HTML script) can I get that mail moved over by simply paying the $10 and mapping my domain? I have not found anywhere in the forums that states what we need to do if our Google account has already been verified a long time ago. I am not sure where I can get that html verification code, since the account is already set up. I'd like to get that domain mapped over now that you support the same mail that I use, but want to make sure I am not going to nuke that account in the process. HELP!!!

  2. Since the MX record is still going to be to Google Aps, it should work fine as moving the domain mapping over to will not affect the mail. Nothing should change in my mind!


  3. I sent an email to support and they were not sure. They were going to check on it, but I have not heard back yet.

  4. i did this today. Mail interruptions were minimal (if they occurred at all.) just make sure you reset your mx settings with WordPress as soon as possible because it will initially set the MX setting to nothing once it becomes the DNS Host.

  5. Also -you get the html verification code once see's the site is pointed at them clikc on the setup for the mx settings (it will open a small expanded window) there is a link in there that takes you automatically to the google aps verification code. This isn't apparent until the DNS setting are locked to

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