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    Have created a new blog (nbpelangi) and want to use the same theme as ustainable uses – ambiru. When searching in Themes, ambiru doesn’t get listed, socannot assign to blog nbpelangi!
    What’s going wrong here – 2 bugs in 2 days, or am I making mistakes?

    Chris A.

    The blog I need help with is ustainable.wordpress.com.


    What is the URL for this ” nbpelangi” blog?


    Amirbu is a retired WordPress.com theme that is not available for use on new blogs being registered. Themes are retired when they no longer support all WordPress.com features. To select a them that does support all WordPress.com features see here > http://wordpress.com/themes/



    OK, thanks, and thanks for your w/e time.
    Is there a way of identifying a theme that is near to the format/design of Ambiru?

    Chris A.


    Yes. You can browse all 124 single column themes here > http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/features/one-column/

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