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    I have an existing website with old technology, adobe flash and other technology that doesn’t let me use Google Ads. How can I upgrade my website through wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is martincaplan.wordpress.com.



    Hi @mcaplanmartincaplancom, while we might not be able to get the same flashy effects you’ve got right now, you can certainly convert your site over to WordPress.

    I’d recommend copying and pasting your content to pages in a new site. Where it’s possible, use the same page name that you used on your old site.

    Once the content is moved over, you can adjust theme settings or use other ways to style the site as you’d like it.

    Then, with a paid plan you can add your custom domain and point it to our servers.

    For more information, I’d use basically this same process to copy content over:

    If your site is very large such that copying and pasting won’t work, send a link to the site and we’ll check to see what options might be available for you.

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