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expand the max width

  1. There isn't a way to add dynamic content using CSS where it doesn't already exist on the page. Sorry!

  2. I've inspected the element, but I'm referring to the display posts shortcode in the content area- i want to put a gap between "Classical & Dance Music Fusion Is Happening: Throwing Snow Releases New Track, “Caedis” " and its content. Cannot find a way to do that while inspecting the element since the css designing that is the display posts shortcode in the page

    I've made a short screencast about this in case it helps!

    Note: you would want to take the ":nth-child(2)" part out if you used the example from the video.

    It's pretty fun stuff once you get going. :D Your site looks fantastic!

  3. It has been quite a while since this thread was active, so I am going to mark it as resolved. If you have further questions or problems, please feel free to start a new thread.


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