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    Hi. I’m STILL getting familiar with wordpress and don’t know a lot. I did search the FAQ and support site first.

    If anyone is familiar with blogger, and has done a basic blog, you know that they list the posts in expandable/collapsible categories. I would love to have that here. For example, I have the Archives showing. I would love users to be able to click on a month, such as May 2007 and see a list of all the titles of my posts and be able to click to go directly to it.

    Can anyone help? And, if you can, please remember that I’m new to this and don’t know all the terminology yet.




    Put the archive widget in your sidebar.



    Hi. I have the archive widget, but it doesn’t expand to show the titles of the posts. It just takes me to the page where those posts are for the month and then you still have to scroll through.


    That would require hacking of the underlying theme and wordpress files and that is not allowed here at wordpress.com.



    Ah well – thanks for letting me know at least that it’s not an option :(

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