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    Greetings. This may have been suggested before, but it would really be great to expand the number of results in the search widget when trying to navigate around your blog. I realize that the number of page results is linked to the number of posts you set to appear on your home page, but is there a reason that this correlation has to happen?

    I am no programming genius, but I it seems it would be relatively easy to post more search results… many search results, on the same results page rather than just a handful. I do not even have that many blog posts yet, but for people with hundreds or thousands, I can only imagine this being a bit more frustrating.

    Is there repercussions to something like this that I don’t know about? Issues with memory or space or something else? Either way, something to think on. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is progressivetimes.wordpress.com.



    What I would like to see is improvement when it comes to displaying relevant results. If I type the exact title of a post on my own blog into the wp.com search widget I expect that it should be the first result I see. It’s not. I have to click and click and click to locate the post. This is why I do not use the wp.com search widget. I use Google. I type in an exact title or even a partial title and BINGO! I have the relevant result I’m looking for.


    Exactly. It certainly makes sense, but I am not as worried about my ability to search through my posts as I am about a visitor’s ability. If someone else comes to my blog and reading a post causes them to think I may have something to say about a different but related topic then they may search through. Unfortunately, they’re not going to dig enough (or at all) to find what may be exactly what they’re looking for.

    I feel like search engine technology is pretty advanced. Could WP not get a google widget that goes in your sidebar? I know many sites use google for intrasite searching. That can’t be very difficult right?



    I don’t really believe that wordpress.com will create search widgets that are as highly refined as Google search is. wordpress.com is in the blogging business and Google is in the search business.



    But it would be nice if the WP.com staff merged Google search into our blogs then they would have the problem solved. Self install WP blogs already have this option.


    Indeed, what t3ck said. WP doesn’t have to create a new search engine model. Just create a widget that actually puts google in your side bar and searches only your blog for results.

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