Expanding text boxes with free WordPress.com?

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    How do I make a box of text that can be expanded / collapsed by the user?

    I am trying a new way of presenting math, where proofs / weird cases / asides can be automatically minimized to ease general understanding, but available and expandable for the sake of rigor. So I want a text-box (there may be an official word for this that I do not know) with a title and a close/open button, so that people may make it visible or invisible as desired.

    The blog I need help with is examplesinmodeltheory.wordpress.com.



    I’m sorry but I don’t know of any way to achieve that on a free hosted WordPress.com blog, unless I misunderstand you and what you are referring to is splitting text by inserting “the more tag” into your posts.


    As you probably can’t create pop-open boxes, perhaps you might consider placing the formulas below the text, and instead of the boxes use page jumps so your readers can refer to them.



    That’s a good idea too but as the blog is private and only Staff and the blogger who owns it can view it, I hesitated to get into any other means of splitting content.



    Thanks both.

    Most of the “formulas” are small, inline things, not containing a lot of size. It’s mostly just prose with a lot of notation. Also, the more tag is not really helpful in this case.

    To be more helpful, I have made the page public; the only content page as yet is here. Basically, what I’d like is for all the block quote areas to be collapsible text-boxes or to have some similar effect.

    I expect your answers will remain unchanged, but there it is. (also, this thread has nothing to do with math, so don’t feel that should somehow affect your answers)


    You’re right, the available techniques aren’t going to change, but if you want your blockquoted material to be easier for a reader to skip over, you could work on making it actually look like it’s something that can be skipped. It could be indented more (there’s not much of that in the theme you’re using) and you might also put it in a simple box. (Box code works in a blockquote.)

    I’ve seen texts refer to “level 2” material that can be skipped over for a first reading, so if you take that approach, the blockquoted stuff could begin by saying: Level 2: …

    I’m sure you can think of other techniques. Anyway, you can’t do collapsible boxes.




    To be honest, the whole point of me using the WordPress site was this, and the LaTeX functionality. Since it doesn’t work, I’ll just find another host. I don’t have any particular loyalty to the site (I just started!)

    Thanks both



    You’re welcome from me.

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