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Expanding the width of the entry box!

  1. I'm currently using the Oulipo Theme and I think the width of the content/entries is set to 480 px?
    I'm new to CSS and would like to expand it to at least 600 px? I'm not really sure which part of my CSS I should edit!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It will be "parts" not part, and we need a link to the blog in order to help.

  3. That theme is not set in pixels but in ems. The easiest way to change it would be to reduce the size of the margins and increase the width to compensate. Try adding just the line of code below to the CSS edit contents:

    #content #entry-content {margin:0 1em; width:37em;}

  4. thankyou so much! (:

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