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    Hi, a domain that was mapped to a WP site has expired (on February 6th 2012). The dashboard does not allow a renewal, it says contact support, so how do I renew it? url: http://normklebba.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is normklebba.com.



    I am having the same issue. I need to renew a domain name that was previously purchased through WP for the WP site but it is now expired. How can I get this domain name back?



    If it says Contact Support, then Contact Support via your dashboard Help button. If your domain name expired and you don’t have a Contact Support notice, just re-purchase it as you purchased it originally, assuming it’s still available.



    so how do I renew it?

    How can I get this domain name back?

    Once a Domain registration expires you no longer own the domain. There is a brief grace period wherein you are given option to renew an expired the domain up to 2 weeks after expiration. Read more > expired domains

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