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    Hi. I had a blog and purchased a domain through word press, but I just realized it expired back in May. I would like to renew but can’t find it. Can you help?


    Hi there,

    The account you used to create this topic created just 12 hours ago. Please login using the username that owns the domain that you wish to renew.

    You mentioned that the domain expired in May so it would probably be in the redemption period which the domain registrar will charge $80 for the redemption fee to renew your domain.

    So please do these:
    – login into the account that owns the domain you wish to renew
    – reply to this thread using the account and specify the domain to renew

    I’ve also added a modlook tag for Staff assistance.



    Hi there,

    It’s impossible to help you without knowing what the domain is you’re trying to renew.

    But if the domain expired in May it is very unlikely we’ll be able to get it back. Expired domains go through a process that lasts around 80 days, after which it’s released so anyone can register it again. As we’re now at the end of August it’s been at least 90 days since the domain expired, meaning it would already have passed through redemption and past the point where we can recover it.

    I suggest you try checking if you’re able to add it again as a new domain at My Site ->Domains, but there’s also a chance someone else owns the domain by now, in which case you won’t be able to use it any more.

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