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    if a domain name is expired on a certain date. How many days do you have to wait before the domain name is available again?

    apparently the site has expired this month, but its still not available for me to register.

    i know the guy who registered and it was apparently dropped BY him

    The blog I need help with is northwicklowcricketclub.wordpress.com.



    When you fail to renew a domain and allow it to expire it then belongs to the Registrar and there is no gurantee that you will get it back. There is a brief grace period wherein you are given option to renew an expired the domain up to 2 weeks after expiration. It takes about 90 days for a domain to completely expire and become available again to register, so one option is to wait for that and try to register it before anyone else does. It’s solely up to the Registrar whether to make a specific domain available or not. Read more here > expired domains

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