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Expired domain, user doesn't know login information

  1. Please help! I'm trying to fix which has the address of

    The domain is in the 2 week period and needs to be renewed but the client does not know how to login or reset their password.

    please help? [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. the domain expired 25 days ago - so probably not in grace period - they need to go through the lost password feature to get logged in - then if they can't renew the domain name and mapping they will need Staff help

  3. I need to do this for them, what are the steps please?

    A) I have no idea what the login email is as the ones i've tried don't work.
    B) I may need them to validate something for security purposes.

    she game me the username mommyandme
    but I tried a reset on that and it didn't go to her email. I can provide her email addresses in a PM ? can you do Private messages?

    Aaron - needing to get the site back up and live ASAP! 25 days is bad...
    thank you what's next?

  4. I have sent an email to the address on your account.

    Please reply via email when you receive it.

  5. My account? (rockstarseo) or the account for

    i didn't receive an email but please email aaronkronis (at)

  6. The email went to the address on your rockstarseo set at!/settings/account/

    If you didn't receive it, please check your email's spam folder.

  7. Hi there, according to the settings, it would be my gmail account and NO i did NOT receive any email from you yet. I'm on wifi and checking emails and spam folder.... people spell aaron incorrectly often.....

    :) please resend?

  8. I have re-sent the email.

  9. hi mac

    your email is definitely not arriving, please send an email to aaronkronis (at) ? i'm not sure why this is such a problem. the client is upset about the domain and I can't get your emails :(

    What email address is your message coming from? Please check your sent items...i assume you are using a system, hence the problem. if you have a hotmail for me, i DO NOT use hotmail.

    please help. please email me directly with instructions or post here? this is strange.

    Thanks. I checked the spam folder, not there. please help!

  10. :(

  11. NOTE i'm not getting notification emails of posts here.

  12. That is what I sent the email to, twice. Do you have a different email address for me to try?

  13. I never received your message?

    please email [email redacted]
    or [email redacted]

    this is bad we have like 2-3 days to fix this before it gets to 30 days... please help, you can try [email redacted] that will work. kron3r (at) and please let me know on here when you've sent it? is there nothing more you can do to help? i don't want her to lose the domain, i'm at a conference in new orleans until tomorrow night and I'm worried about the 26 days past on her domain. she just wants to login and renew it. if you can email her the link to renew that would fix it.... please please help?

    thank you Aaron Kronis 310-990-9501 aaron (AT) or tweet me @KRONiS I can't believe the emails don't work.

    please tell me the FROM address you are sending from so I can find it? this is getting silly.

  14. I have re-sent the email to all three email addresses, so I'm sure someone has receive it somewhere. :)

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