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Expired email issue

  1. I have a blog that I haven't used in a while and am trying to access the account. Problem is that the email used to establish the account was changed by my institution and the prior domain name has expired. Thus, I can request a new password, but the email sent out by wordpress will simply bounce back as undeliverable. Is there any way to contact someone at wordpress about the account and resetting the password?

  2. For security reasons, we must verify that you are the legitimate owner of the blog in question.

    To accomplish that, we either need an email sent from the email address that is associated with your blog, or we need confirmation of the API key you received upon signup.

    Do you still have access to your old emails in your email client? If so, you might search those for your original signup email from

  3. Thank you for the quick response. I went back and did find an email when I set up the blog. The email said I was one step away from blogging and gave me the following link:

    I inserted the number signs. Is the number at the end of the link the API key? If so, how do I send it to wordpress?

    Thank you

  4. Hello!

    I found the email with the API key. What should I do now?

  5. For the sake of privacy, it would be best for you to send an email to [email redacted] explaining your issue. Please include your username, your old email address and your API key, and we should be able assist you from there.

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