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    I am somewhat new to wordpress. There is another site that makes a career out of lifting my content ON A DAILY BASIS onto his/her site. Then they get all these links and google ads and make money from my intellectual property without my consent. They do link back to my site but I don’t care. I work very hard on my blog and I can’t have someone just help themselves to my work in this manner. Is there a plugin you can recommend to stop this? My site is http://www.divorcesaloon.com. This site is http://www.divorcingyourpartner.com.

    Is there anything I can do to stop this piracy? Please email me at (email redacted) or respond back on this page. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is divorcesaloon.wordpress.com.



    Neither your host nor theirs is hosted at WordPress.com.

    You need to send a DMCA copyright infringement notice to the company that hosts that web site. Since you’re presumably a lawyer I’ll let you figure out how to do that.



    I’ve noticed some of my stuff on similar sites, just like what the OP describes. Seems they take excerpts from different blogs and post them on their own site.

    Im still trying to understand it but is this what they call a scraper blogger?



    @lolavibe yes – scraper site or autoblog. See http://stolen.wordpress.com/faq/ for more. You can help to shut them down by sending DMCA notices to their web hosts.



    I see, thats pretty damn rude of them. Thank you for clearing that up Will check out the link!



    The motive behind scraping blog contents by using RSS feeds is simply stated – money from advertising. There are many blog scraping content thieves out there who use stolen content to fill blogs with. They are referred to as splogs.



    I have done a lot of blogging on this subject. It has posts that describe what to do to prevent content theft, how to spot a splog, what to do to find out whether or not your content has been stolen, how to do whois searches to locate the web host, how to complete and submit a DMCA complaint to the web host so your content is removed from the splog. You know where to find my blog .. lol :D



    Nerts! that should have been “lolavibe” – sorry.



    LOL snap!!

    I was just on my way there after reading the FAQ link above! Great minds…. hehe



    The blog in question is hosted by theplanet.com (I did a whois domain lookup). They have a strict policy about copyright infringement on their web site at http://www.theplanet.com/legal/. They have a more extensive explaination of exactly what to do at http://content.theplanet.com/Documents/legal/Planet-Copyright-Infringement.pdf.

    Good luck with getting the site shut down. I really hate people who steal my work.




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    This comes up time and again.

    Don’t let thieves make money off your content. To get Google to take down the thief’s AdSense ads, follow the steps described here:



    Thank you all so very much. I have a lot of suggestions here to work with as soon as I can calm my ire. Great advice everyone. Blog on!

    Divorce Saloon, New York

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