Explorer, flickr photos look terrible

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    Just wondering why my the photos on I link to from flickr look great in firefox and safari, but in explorer they look like some of the pixels are missing. Is there some way I can correct this?

    The blog I need help with is yarnjourney.wordpress.com.


    Explorer 6 or 7?





    Well I don’t know the technicalities behind that and if or how you can correct the problem – I can only say that IE7 is a strange creature in general, and it’s not one of the browsers that WP recommends.

    The other thing I can say is that your page takes too long to load (because you get the combined delay of all those outside pages loading), which can be a real problem for visitors with a slow connection (and maybe also has to do with the IE problem). It’s always better to upload the pics in your blog rather than link to other sites. Or consider reducing the number of posts per page.



    Thanks for your answer. I didn’t realize it took too long to load. What is a number of posts per page you recommend?


    That’s up to you. As far as loading time is concerned, the fewer the better. But you may prefer the look of having several posts in your front page. The real solution is uploading the images in your blog.

    (And if you do either of the two and there’s a difference with IE, you would help us by reporting it.)



    Thank you so much for all the help. I would like my friends/readers to be able to go my flickr album and see all the things I make in one click on a photo. The reason I even checked Explorer is it was a question on a knitting forum where another blogger had issues where everything is fine in Firefox and looked wonky in Explorer. I will be thinking about a way to implement your suggestions. Thank you again.

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