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Explorer Squished Post text

  1. panoramaduplex

    I've created a web site really and
    it seems that the "home" page can only be a Post
    all my other pages are pages.

    In Explore the 'Post' page is squished
    i.e. seems to set first column too narrow.

    Is there a fix?

  2. No, the home page can be either any number of your most recent posts (you set that in Settings>Reading) or a static page of your choice (also set in Settings>Reading).

  3. And what are you using to create your posts? There's a lot of junk code showing in the page source.

  4. panoramaduplex

    Thank you Pnaghlotisadam that made it work
    although it means I have a duplicate Home and Intro page.
    It would work if the first Home page was a post, but
    my version of Explorer doesn't like it for some reason.

    Justjennifer: "Junk code" indeed. I haven't much of a clue
    regarding html or CSS. I'm just copying and pasting, seeing what works
    and earning while I learn.

    I see I left a bunch of padding attempts.
    Trying to get everything on that Post page to format
    in a manner that worked in Explorer. No luck so far.

    Thanks for the kind responses.

  5. @panoramaduplex - also please consider linking your user name to your blog as explained in the sticky at the top of the forums.

  6. (psst! vivian, it's not there any more.)

  7. Guess I needed to clean my glasses! Thanks for letting me know. :)

  8. panoramaduplex

    panaghiotisadam Thanks for the links. Very helpful

    vivianpaige Thanks for the tip. Done

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