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Exploring and writing about one of the least explored place on Earth !

  1. greenerpasturesind

    The land called the 'seven sisters of India' is a region geographically and politically hidden. Blessed with an amazing wilderness, within these lands are living many indigenous tribes, all different from the other, but all living life with Nature, as if they are a part of. It is a wonderful land. I am writing about my experiences here, and i hope i inspire many to explore these lands so that its culture doesn't get lost.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. plasticdaffodils

    I liked your first blog entry! The template is very busy and distracting for me (you have a lot going on), so it did actually take me a minute to even find the important features (like your post), but it sounds like you have a really interesting story to tell. Good luck!

  3. greenerpasturesind

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. I do agree that the template is busy, so i will try to make it a more minimal. But a lot of the features of the template have impressed me, like the sticky posts option which allows me to stick the important posts on the homepage. As for finding the posts ( as there is only the latest posts feature in the homepage ), i would certainly find a solution to that, so that all the posts are easily available.
    Do keep reading !

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