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Export all content: not all content is actually exported!

  1. I've exported the content of my blog multiple times and not all articles are included in the exported XML file. The exported XML is incomplete.

    Any reasons why this is happening?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention. Please provide detail re: what's missing for the XML file.

  3. Thousands of articles are missing from the XML. Latest article included in the file was posted on January 2012. Some thousands (probably 4-5000 articles are missing).

    Also, channel and rss tags are not closed at the end of the XML (probably because of the partial export).

  4. Update:
    I changed my php.ini settings for max downloads, max execution time etc and I'll try to download again the XML. I'll post my findings here but I still need some info regarding the possible reasons why not all articles were not transfered on my 1st attempt. I guess I'm not the onlyone facing this issue...

  5. Unfortunately, I retried to export the content of my blog but again, the export is incomplete. More than 2500 posts are missing.

    Can I have some official support for this please??

  6. anyone?

  7. ??

  8. I'm sorry but Staff are away on their meet-up until July 23rd and they are currently monitoring threads. They only show up here periodically to deal with the threads that we Volunteers have flagged for their attention.

  9. I understand, but this thread was flagged for their attention 24 hours ago. Is it normal to wait so long for a support request?

  10. Can I please have some support over this? If not now, can you please inform me when help will be available?

  11. Be patient. The thread has been tagged for staff to look at it. You continually posting won't make them read it any quicker.

  12. I understand that and apologize for posting more than once, it's just that I really need help on that.

    OK, I'll be patient, thank you :)

  13. You may have too many posts for a single export shot. Have you tried only exporting specific months? Does that work for you?

  14. The migration tool I'm using to convert WP posts to Drupal nodes transfers works with attachments only with the full export XML. If I export separate months, image paths are not converted correctly. So no, partial exports will not work for my case (and for every WP to Drupal 7 Migration scenario).

    I'm exporting the content to my local server, having increased all necessary limits (download limit, max execution time etc) in php.ini configuration file. Everything seems to work fine from my side, so I think that it's a WP issue, as the downloaded XML is missing the closing <channel> and <rss> tags. For some reason, some WP posts are not included in the XML.

    For example, I tried again 2 days ago and the last article included in the XML file was from July 16, which is a better result compared to my previous attempt, during which many thousand articles were missing (everything after January 2012).

    I would appreciate it if you could provide me with some help in order to get a final & full XML export (sometime during the next couple of days, after the domain name transfer proxess is confirmed) or make it easier (WP server configuration?) for the whole process not to be interrupted during my next & final export.

  15. What is the file size of the export file you're receiving?

  16. Latest XML (yesterday): 92.3 MB
    Previous attempt (a week ago): 65.5 MB

  17. Ok, that's odd. Would you please try one more time now and let me know what you get?

  18. It's even worse now, the file is only 60.1 MB.

    Only 7430 posts (out of total around 9151 published articles) are included.

    The latest article included in the file was published on 26th of December, 2011.

  19. Hm, this is no good then. I'll see if I can get one of our developers to generate a full export for you.

  20. Hi, agrorama. I've sent you an email with a link to your export file.

  21. Hi and thank you very much for that.

    During the next 2-5 days, just after the domain name transfer is completed, I'll need another, updated export . May I post again here to ask for it or should I contact you in another way?

    Thanks again

  22. A reply here is fine, or you can reply to the email I sent the export links in, and I'll be glad to re-export for you.

  23. I just downloaded the XML - it's fine :)

    I'll ask you once more to download the XML for me during the next couple of days.

    Thanks a lot

  24. The domain name transfer was completed a couple of hours ago. Could you please export all the content from and send it over to my IT collaborator's email? He just send you an email (Orion Web) as well.

  25. I've just sent that off for you.

  26. Thanks a lot
    Have a nice day!

  27. dllh,
    I've read the thread above.

    We are also having the same problem.

    We are not hosted on, but on a commercial hosting service.
    They are a large, well-known hosting company, one of the largest, and we have had excellent tech services from them for over four years. In other words, they are extremely capable, and knowledgeable with WordPress.
    We have had exhaustive discussions with them as we have been running a trial move of a domain from a shared account onto its own separate hosting account. The test has been marked and hampered many times by this same problem: the xml file is incomplete.

    We have the same problems agrorama describes, as do a number of other WP users.

    I would like to know what you did differently that allowed you to export agrorama's xml file and email it to them, that they were not able to do, or was not covered in the forums or codex.

    I am leaning to the conclusion that if can do it, there is a solution, but the process is not evident in the forums.

    Can your provide the process please???

  28. @richardcarter, the issue here tends to be that the server just runs out of resources before the request can finish and spews out what it's managed to put together so far. I have a method of exporting blogs that gets around browser/request limits by letting me run it at the command line, so I'm able to export full blogs. You could try googling for "WordPress command line exporter" and see if any useful tools surface (I found this one but haven't tested and can't say whether or how well it works).

    Or, perhaps the simpler thing if your hosting company is willing to help, would be to have them do what's called a mysqldump of the database, which they can then slurp into the new database on the new server. This in fact will provide a better snapshot of your old site, as it'll include things like options and any plugin data that the exporter itself won't grab.

  29. BTW, our xml file size consistantly stops at 19,083KB.

    We also tried adding the fix of:
    * Dynamically increase allowed memory limit for export.
    function my_export_wp() {
    ini_set('memory_limit', '1024M');
    add_action('export_wp', 'my_export_wp');

    As stated at:

    Didn't work. (Acknowledging we had a different error message.)

    We are using WordPress 3.4.1

  30. dllh,
    Didn't see your last post before I posted last.

    Thanks. I'll bounce that off the hosting company.

    1. Can you give me a hint as to which command line exporter you use?......

    2. Any chance we can look forward to a better fix for this issue from WP in the near future?

    Thanks again, you very fast reply is appreciated.

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