Export all database from wordpress.com – problem with hosting

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    Hi everybody!

    Well, let’s explain my case.

    Here in Brazil we have a hosting service called Hostinger. I think that they work worldwide. But in Brazil they are having serious problems with the service. For a week now the customers can’t access their FTP and MySQL accounts.

    I’m disapointed with them, but I need to move on. I have all the files from my sites, but I don’t have all my posts at the backup. I didn’t have time to do it before the service collapse. I saw that all my posts and comments are here at wordpress.com. Is there anyway to export it? I already have a new hosting service, but I’m afraid to install my site without these information and loose all posts here, the only place that I can pick them at this moment.

    If there is a way to export them from here to import at my site or other way to import them again, please let me know.


    The blog I need help with is www.orquidariofaisca.com.br.

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