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Export blog not working

  1. Hello Support,

    I have registered wordpress hosting account and also have account. I tried to use Tools-->Export to get xml file. But I get xml file with my admin users. Nothing more than that. I also tried exporting only posts/comments but that too didn't worked. Searched support forum and found many people facing this problem and you helping them. Pleas help me too to import my posts,comments to my new blog. blog:
    New WordPress Hositng:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I took a look and everything is working properly. The export file inclused all your posts, pages and comments. What are you missing exactly?

  3. Tried exporting using All content and xml file is generated which is of 200KB size. When I opened the file it has tags and usernames included. Also tried exporting just post for a specific author and that too is showing same symptoms. kindly let me know what steps you tried

  4. It's not possible to filter out tags when exporting. Tags are part of the posts, unless the posts don't have any tags. When you import the file, you get an option to assign posts from other users to your username.

    You can read more about importing and exporting at:

  5. I am having trouble too - my 5+ year old blog will NOT export. I've tried to download the export "all" file - but it is super fast/small (which would be a dream...not a reality with so much content, I'm sure). When importing (, it gives me a file read error (actually gives me a 404 - not allowed access to said admin php - but upon refresh says the file was empty).

    ;( Help please. I've been surfing the forums but cannot seem to find an answer. Would have gladly paid for Guided Transfer - but my host is AN Hosting which used to be a WP approved group but is no longer on that list. I have another site there and can use the same space.

    What are the other options? I'm not willing to sacrifice my blog/content and I can no longer stay on =(

  6. ...
    PS.. have also followed all instructions found within forums, supports and FAQ guidelines with no luck of transfer/export of files.

  7. @cheekychica I've sent the export file to you by e-mail.

    @sniperlok do you still encounter issues?

  8. The export file sent via email included 0 posts (or 342) and 280 comments of more than 5,000. Please advise. =(

  9. @cheekychica I've replied to you by e-mail.

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