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    I have a blog with subdomain.wordpress.org
    And I have installed a wordpress blog on my own server. How do I import everything to the new blog. I have installed the plugin: Import WordPress

    But I cant export the xml-file for the subdomained blog!?


    from your dashboard, go to Manage > Export



    This may be helpful. It provides more information you may want to read before you begin the process. :)



    I’m a new user to World Press. I’m also tryin to export – however I don’t see any export option in my dashboard.

    Any suggestions?



    Are you hosted at wordpress.com?



    I’m confused. Your account here is 7 minutes old and your username has yet to be linked to a blog in your profile here on the forum. Moreover, our software is not the same software as wordpress.org uses. Presumably your blog here has no content as yet so what you intend to export from here I can’t determine.
    If you are a self hosted blogger or a web hosted blogger you have posted to the wrong forum. We have different software and give different answers here. If that’s the case the please go here http://wordpress.org/support
    If the paragraph above does not apply to you then please post again. But before doing so you might like to read the pink sticky post at the head of the forum titled: “please read me first before posting to the forum” and here’s the link to it http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3700&replies=1

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