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Export drops posts

  1. Hello,

    I have been fighting with my shared host support team to get them to make an exception in my case to suspend the PHP resource limits, so that I can load my 40M XML file into my new WP2.6.3 self-hosted blog.

    After finally getting them to agree, it turns out that the frickin' XML file was corrupt. Apparently, there wasn't an proper closure of the file (?) or EOF or something? They tell me that not all of my posts made it into the backup file. I've run the export process several times to confirm and the same thing happens over and over again.

    Could I get to export the file for me and check it's integrity? Is there a way to split that file up into multiple, smaller <20M files?

    If I edit the file myself, what are the closing XML tags after the last </item>?

    Does it matter if I reload the category tags multiple times, i.e. will existing categories be wiped or will the import process skip over existing data? What about the tags? I see that some tags are just numbers e.g. 7896565?

    I really need help on this as I pushed the big red button with the other support team only to find that "I" wasn't prepared.


  2. this forum is only meant for support for bloggers, i'm afraid. i don't know if anyone here has the knowledge to help with your problem.

  3. If there is a problem with the export file, you should try contacting support and see what they can do.

  4. @sulz: I am a blogger. This is a issue. This issue is inherent to infrastructure. I posted here because I can't possibly be the only blogger who has ever wanted to export a mature blog of +1000 posts from to another host.

    @vivian: I did that too, thank you, but I also posted in the 'support' forum to see what other people's experiences and solutions have been.

  5. You're not likely to get any help from the volunteers here as we have no access to the backend of things. The only answer is to contact support.

  6. i mistook your question as a issue, my apologies. :) vivianpaige is right, you have to wait for support to respond.

  7. It might be worth asking over at as well, since most people on the forums here are current users of blogs and haven't had the experience of exporting. Over there, you might find people who have exported their blogs to blogs.

  8. Thanks for the input and advice!

    Let me rephrase the question.

    Please, do not respond unless you have direct experience with the resolution of the question.

    I am asking fellow members/volunteers who, like me, do not have access to the back-end, what steps they took to backup their +1000 post blogs, which, in my case, is an XML file of about 40M. Now I said backup, as in a backup for personal use to your PC for e.g. Don't be distracted by the shared hosting -in fact forget about that as it is irrelevant. Just a regular old back up.

    My XML export file is not generated correctly (skipped posts and improper closing tags).

    I have deleted spam comments to reduce the file size. I have deleted bogus tags and categories.

    I have looked into RSS scrapers but I have not found one that can manage multiple categories and nested comments properly.

    Again, I have contacted support. Before posting here at I posted at They tell me that it's purely a export issue. While waiting for support to respond, I am being proactive in asking about other people's experiences and solutions. Was there a specific procedure that you ended up having to ask support to perform? Was there a specific person or department that you had to deal with?


  9. Please, do not respond unless you have direct experience with the resolution of the question.

    i generally do not put my two cents in where they don't belong. as i've said, it was a mistake on my part, as i misread your query to be belonging to the forum. we get a lot of that here.

    sorry for responding despite my lack of experience to this question.

  10. Yeah, I thought it was not the nicest way to ask for help, either.

  11. @sulz: This was not a personal attack on you, but an attempt to keep the thread on the rails and moving on for anyone else reading the post. I'm trying to resolve a technical issue on a deadline. Anyone reading the thread can see that you meant well :)

  12. alright, point taken...

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