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Export file doesn't have all posts

  1. Has anyone had a problem exporting their blog, and finding that the XML file doesn't have all their posts in it? When I came to, I had a Typepad blog that I imported. Only those files and the draft posts in my wordpress blog are coming through in my export.

  2. Is it possible that I have too many posts?

  3. *crickets chirping*

    Yes, there were too many posts for the XML file. Someone should look into that. I've figured out how to deal with it, but it kinds sucks.

  4. Some of us sleep during the night. :)

    Best bet would be to submit a feedback from your dashboard and point this out to staff. I regularly throw around 1k+ post backups/ exports without any issue through.

  5. I think it wasn't the 500 posts as much as it was the 25,000 comments that went along with them. :)

    But I just made the XML file. Imported into new site. Went back to old site and deleted the posts that imported fully. Made another XML file. Imported. Deleted from old site. Etc.

  6. It was probably the comments. Either that or Mary Kay is out to get you. :)

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