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    Hello –
    I need assistance with the following –
    I am switching my wordpress.com to self hosted wordpress.org through hostgator. I am unable to export my content without getting an error line message. I was told I may need a plugin to export, but I can not install the plugin on my wordpress.com site.
    Can you please install the plugin on my old wordpress.com site so that I can export?
    Or give me some guidance as to why I am getting an error message and unable to export?
    Right now, the only site that comes up is a blank site at http://www.msfitrunner.com. My old wordpress.com site is redirected there, but I can still get to the dashboard and old content if I login with my wordpress.com login at wordpress.com.
    I really would like to get my new blog site up and running, but need help with the export file. If you could tell me what might be going on and why it won’t export, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is msfitrunner.com.



    You don’t need a plugin to move your content. Log into your blog at msfitrunner.wordpress.com and use the Export option under Tools > Export. That will provide you with an XML file that you can then use to import into your self-hosted blog on Hostgator. To import it you will essentially reverse the process by logging into your new blog and go to Tools > Import and find your export file.

    See this page for more details:

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