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Export from then import to self-hosted wordpress leaves media here

  1. I exported from my blog and imported to my self-hosted blog at

    While it worked, I noticed all the media links go to

    Is there another way I can export so that when I import I also bring in my media? Or do I just need to keep my site up and going?

    (When I imported to from Posterous it actually brought the media in, so I thought the wordpress-to-wordpress export/import might do the same thing.)

    I'm not quite sure if this is a question or a question, so I'll also post over there.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. During the import process, you should have been given the opportunity to have the importer retrieve your media as long as the site the importer needed to access was not private and had not been deleted. As I remember, you get the choice right after you click the import button.

  3. Yes, that is true. There is a checkbox for that. And I checked it.

    I just was looking at my Media and they are all there - but they are all unattached!



  4. That would be a question for the people at wordpress.ORG then since they are the ones that created and support the software you are using.

  5. OK. I'll continue this over there.


  6. You are welcome and best of luck.

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