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Export Media Files?

  1. Is there a way to get an export of media files from a site? My client used some crazy long file names on some of her images and files which I believe are causing the export/import to a site fail.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Media files are attachments. We create and XML export file and then when we import we are prompted and we can respond yes we want the attachments. Can they be separately exported? Not that I am aware of.

  3. At this time, we do not have a mechanism to export a site's media files in bulk other than as attachments as timethief explained. Our developers are looking into this as an option for the future.

  4. musadiqmarhaban

    wow I've been reading about this topic for several hours now, and I'm very surprused that there is no way to export media files from to ...

    I hope people in can do something about this soon ...

  5. @musadiqmarhaban - you are wrong - media can be exported from WordPress.COM to .ORG as @TT noted above as part of Posts and Pages. But there is no bulk export of the entire media library

    @Jackie - yet one more mark on the wall for the bulk export / backup of the media library :)

  6. @auxclass, I hear you. It's on Santa's list. Just not a simple project. :)

    And yes, @musadiqmarhaban, all content, including posts, pages, comments, and media, can be exported. It's just that the way WordPress exports media, it's not as files but as links to the original content, and during an import that content gets pulled over and uploaded on the new site without being contained in the actual export file. That way the export files are relatively small and the export/import process goes reasonably quickly and without a lot of server resources.

    If you do an export of into a self-hosted site on, if everything works properly, all of your media files should appear within your new media library, but will not be contained as discrete files within the export file.

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