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    Hi, since the site re-design, I cannot find the option to export my blog posts. The “Tools” section of the Dashboard has disappeared (from what I can tell anyway) and nothing in the Settings directs me to be able to export. How do I go about doing this?


    The blog I need help with is theskiesweshare.com.


    Hi Graeme,

    “Tools” and “Export” are still available in your blog’s dashboard:


    Here’s a direct link for your blog:


    If you’re not seeing Tools in your dashboard, could you send me a screenshot of what that left menu does look like for you? Just upload the image to your media library and I’ll take a look.


    -Alex G.



    Hi Alex,

    Thanks a lot for your help. You’re right, once on the dashboard it’s there. I guess my real problem was that I couldn’t navigate to the Dashboard from WordPress.com, other than with the direct /wp-admin/ link. Is there a link somewhere that I can’t find? Clicking around seems to keep me on the wordpress.com main page, where I can assess the Reader / My Sites / and Stats option, but with no option for the Dashboard.

    I’ve added a couple of pictures to my library to show you what I mean.

    I’m definitely missing something! Thanks very much for your help so far.


    Hi Graeme,

    We’re developing lots of new features into WordPress.com and they’re continuing to roll out. The “My Sites” page is one of the more recent changes. Some things are still just being handled in the standard dashboard. Sorry for the confusion!

    The way I most often reach the blog dashboard is by visiting my site and using the Admin bar:


    If you’re in the My Sites option, you can also select to visit a blog’s dashboard using this selection:




    -Alex G.

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