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    I’m moving from WP.com to WP.org. My old blog has about 300 posts and over 2,000 comments. In my old blog I went to Tools/Export. It’s giving me an .xml file that’s about 5.8 MB.

    When I imported it to WP.org, only 1/3 of my posts were there, they were in a random order, none of the comments were associated with the posts, and the images imported but didn’t associate with the posts.

    I’m trying to figure out if the problem is with the export file or the import. Can someone tell me if this sounds normal, or like my export file is messed up, or whether I should blame WP.org’s importer?


    The blog I need help with is readericreatedhim.wordpress.com.



    We Volunteers answering support questions cannot help with export/import issues. Please contact Staff for assistance.



    Thanks, timethief. I didn’t realize that and will contact staff.


    What you described about the comments shouldn’t happen. I can try testing this to try to pinpoint the trouble. Could you please verify your WordPress and WordPress Importer plugin versions?



    I’m using WP 3.3.1 and the importer 0.5 http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-importer/

    Thanks, designsimply!


    I tested exporting from http://readericreatedhim.wordpress.com/ to a WordPress 3.3.1 setup using the importer version 0.5 and it worked in my test. I checked a few of the comment numbers on the Posts pages in each blog, then I reviewed the comments on the “Contemporaries to covet in February – & giveaway!” post in each blog and they matched up. I think you should try the import again.

    One possibility is that your new web server has a limit on how large a file you can import and that cause some trouble. Try checking with the web host to increase the PHP file size limit or try exporting from WordPress.com in smaller chunks before you re-import.



    Wow! I’m glad to know it should be working.

    I logged in to my database to see what the file size limit is, and unfortunately I seem to have broken something critical. My website is now gone. I’m getting a “Error establishing a database connection” message instead of a site.


    Before everything went so wrong, I did see that the php file size limit was 7.something MB, and my xml file is less than 6.

    I was hoping I could manually upload the xml file (after trying to figure out how to delete the mess that’s been half-uploaded so far), but now I’m scared to touch anything after somehow managing to explode my database.

    I’m going to go cry now.



    Okay, I’ve fixed my database. (Sorry, I know that has nothing to do with WP.com)

    Now to figure out why I had the original problem with the export/import. I’ll try it again, designsimply. (Thank you again for confirming it should work.)


    Oh man! I’m glad you fixed your database. Just a note, the limit I referred to is set on the server configuration and not in your WordPress database. If you’re not sure how to modify that and you want to try, contact your web host for help. Otherwise, try exporting in smaller chunks instead.




    I did the import again, and it looks like it’s all there, and all organized correctly.

    I can’t believe how awesome and smart you all are. Thank you so much!

    I’m so relieved. You’re the best, and I’m really going to miss WP.com now! Thank you for making my day. :-)

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