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    Is there an easy way to Export a site to weebly? I’m attracted to weebly’s unlimited space and free domain mapping.


    You can export your content here into a WordPress extended RSS file (WXR). You would have to check with weebly to see if they can import that. If not, then you are likely going to have to copy and paste from your site here to your site at weebly.



    Also its ability for multiple galleries per post, and proper popup gallery viewing is something I’ve waited for a long time here. It’s a little less structured so maybe a little harder to manage tho.



    And did you know? There’s not an official importer of contents from other blogs.



    hm, that’s why I can’t find it. :(

    i guess then the search continues :(



    That’s why WordPress.com Rocks. Simple and frequent blogging. No more gimmicks.



    I’m just missing the galleries, ones where u click the thumb and it loads the large one ‘in place’ like almost every other blog/site does…

    btw, with WordPress.com’s domain mapping, I lose the ability to have emails on my domain, right?



    WordPress.com bloggers can
    send and receive email from their
    mapped domains using Google
    Apps for Domains. With just a
    few clicks, you can configure
    your DNS records to use this
    service to provide your email. A
    free Google Apps account
    includes several gigabytes of
    space and the ability to set up
    multiple mailboxes.
    This means you can have your
    WordPress blog and your email
    addresses on your own domain.
    Everyone who has purchased a
    Domain Mapping upgrade can
    use this feature at no extra



    oh what I mean is, that now I have my own domain and host.
    then I have a 2nd domain which just redirects to my WordPress.com. I have an email setup on that domain and it’s on the same host. The space on the host is sufficient (I don’t have a google acct)

    I was reading the help pages Domain Mapping ยป Custom DNS
    it’s really a bit confusing what is needed, what I need to see if my host supports. The bit most confusing is

    “* Please note that you cannot add an A record for a root level domain such as mydomain.com through the WordPress.com Custom DNS editor. You must use another DNS hosting provider if you want to do that.”

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