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Export Tool function being corrected

  1. Export tool is not working for two blogs, when will this be fixed? like to keep back up copy of files on hard drive for safe keeping, and i do not want my blog dropped in public drop box please.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. one of two blogs that will not export manually

  3. Please post the URLs of the blog the export function is not working on.
    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  4. also why does it keep telling me when i commented on my own blogs, like i am not owner of blogs? i keep changing my password and relogging in and still does it, is very creepy like someone else has access to my account.

  5. I also try to make an export file. It's not working - a "503" error shows up "something has gone wrong with our servers".
    My blog: (hostet on

  6. am sorry you are having same trouble, but i am also glad is not just me having this issue so maybe will prompt response faster eh

  7. Update: today it exports ... something. But the .xml document is shown as having 0 bytes. Same happens when I only try to export the articles instead of all.
    Please, could you do something about this?

  8. Your export file is probably too big, which makes the importer go funky. Please follow the instructions in this guide on how to export your blog content in several portions filtered on a date range of posts:

  9. that does not allow for media, links, etc to be exported with posts as a whole blog for archive offline ... and the last time i attempted it did not work selecting only posts in time range either.

  10. ok it did work today selecting 5 months of posts, i think ... 2.75kb is folder size, so it did something

  11. ok import does not work now, when attempting to import to archives it does not give me option to select file. click import and it says we are processing your import and will send you email within 24 hours

  12. The exporter will only export your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags; uploads and images may need to be manually transferred to the new blog. When importing you get the option to import uploaded files, but the blog you are importing from must be live and serving images properly in order for it to work. So, do not delete your blog until after media files have successfully been imported into the new blog.

    You can read more about the import process at

  13. these are my current blogs i am trying to archive, it does not let you select file when importing, it goes straight to saying "we are working on your import" which it can not be when no file is selected ...

  14. Are you trying to import the .xml file at ? . What are the steps you're taking exactly? Please be as specific as possible. Note that when importing you are not able to select content, the importer will import everything that's in the .xml file.

    To export your content in portions (for example based on category, or date range), follow the steps here:

  15. ok first off i hope soon we have way to download entire blog for archives. second the exporting few months of posts did work, however when trying to upload to update archives online, the import function is not allowing me to select the xml file to import. it goes straight from import to saying we are processing your import. it can't be when no file was selected for import. i am sorry, english is not my first language, i am trying to be clear as possible.

    when we will be able to download entire blog for safekeeping? even if large blog ...

  16. am not trying to select content out of file, it does not allow for selection period

  17. I've just replied to your e-mail ticket.

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