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Export WordPress to self-hosted. Specific concerns.

  1. If someone would like to move their to a self-hosted WordPress installation, I understand everything (posts, images, etc.) can be exported within the Dashboard "Export" option.

    But will items such as statistics vanish?

    And how about user data? Will users need to re-register?

    Basically, using the built int Export function, what would NOT be transferred to a fresh, self-hosted WordPress installation?


  2. Yes, when you move a website, the stats on the old one do not apply to the new one.

    Users will need to re-register.

    Anything you put on your blog using specific shortcodes like [audio URL] will be exported, but as raw code and you'll need to find those and fix them one by one.

    Your widgets do not transfer.

  3. Great, thanks.

  4. I have some questions as well about moving to a self-hosted site. I plan on using the WordPress software when I switch . . .

    I have been blogging with for about a year, and in that time I've posted plenty of photos and audio files. How do I go about exporting those so that they can be moved? Is there an easy way to do this, or is it going to be a major headache . . .

  5. I think this may answer my question . . .

    "This will move your your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags; any uploads and images will need to be manually transferred to the new blog."

    Is there a way to copy all the contents of the media portions of my blog to my computer for transfer, or will I have to do each on individually?

  6. I think you'll have to ask that over at But you can always leave your media files here and hotlink from your blog. You can't set it to private, though, or they'll all vanish.

  7. Reading your reply above, even if I leave them at, I'll still have to change every link, correct?

  8. I do plan on leaving my blog up and running, and it sounds as if this is a smart move in this case . . .

  9. Well, I plan on leaving it UP anyway, but all new content would be on the new self-hosted blog . . . just to clarify.

  10. You won't have to change the code showing images in a post. And internal links from one post to another, yes, you'll have to change them or they'll lead off the new blog onto the old one. There may be something over at that can expedite the process, though.

  11. Again, thanks for the help. I do appreciate your time . . .

  12. hi, i have a similar problem. im moving over to a self-hosted site using wordpress software. i was exporting my wp files but unfortunately it the xml file only contains the posts i had 2 years ago when i switched to wp. how can i have my own wp files exported?

  13. hi, would appreciate a speedy reply :( Thanks!

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