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    I am attempting to export my wordpress.com blog to a wordpress installation on a paid host. I’m using the Manage>>Export feature in Firefox (wouldn’t work in IE).

    My problem is that the exported XML file is truncated. It contains all of my posts & comments up to the end of October, but nothing since then. At the end of the file is this ominous statement:

    The size of dynamic response body is over the limit, response is truncated by web server. The limit is set by the ‘Max Dynamic Response Body Size’ in tuning section of server configuration.

    The file size is a paltry 1.28 MB.

    I suppose that the obvious, but unlikely, solution is to ask a wordpress.com support tech to adjust the server config to accommodate this process.

    In the event that solution isn’t feasible does anyone know of a work around that doesn’t involve simply mass deleting a bunch of older posts?



    I have flagged this to be looked at.
    The fact you cannot export the full blog is a fault and one we need to fix. I apologise for it happening.



    There’s another thread here saying that this has been resolved so I’m going to go ahead and mark this as resolved. If not, please let us know. :)




    Can you please try again and if it doesn’t work, please send in feedback.

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