Exporting a blog – does the layout and theme cross over also?

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    I know how to export my blog, but before I do I wanted to know if the theme will be the same also. I will be moving the blog to another username I have to put everything under one login, fyi.

    The blog I need help with is mysizehealthy.wordpress.com.



    You can add the other user / account onto the blog you want to export / import – or you can transfer the blog ownership to the other account – both are easy to do

    If you Export the contents from a blog and import the contents into another blog then NO – the theme and Widgets will not transfer over – you will need to set the second blog up from scratch

    My answer above is for two WordPress.COM blogs – if one is a WordPress.ORG then some of the answers change



    Okay, so if I just change the username it won’t tell me the new one is already in use? I saw that I could do that but figured I wouldn’t be allowed. I thought it was just if you wanted to change it to something entirely new.

    I use a wp.COM blog.

    So to move it to the “new” blog to change ownership is it as easy as just changing the username? Am I following you correctly here?



    Don’t change any names – please

    Let me see if I can get the example correct

    Blog-1 with User-1

    Blog-2 with User-2

    Both single owner blogs

    As User-1 you can add User-2 to Blog-1 – then User-2 can log into both blogs – one log in

    As User-2 you can transfer ownership of Blog-2 to User-1 – – Then User-1 owns both blogs and again a single log-in for both blogs –

    Does this help? I have transferred a couple of blogs to others and it is easy – I have also been added to other blogs to help others with other blogs


    So where do I go to do all of this then? All I know of is exporting (which I now realize I don’t want to do) and changing usernames.

    Also, if I finally change ownership can I eventually delete the old username or does that cancel things out? Sorry, I’m not skilled in this department :(



    Adding your other name / account as a user of a blog


    Transfer blog ownership to your other account:


    Accounts are forever here – prevents someone else from using your ID for not good things – but you can remove all your personal info from an account and change the email to a junk one and walk away from the account


    Sounds good, I’ll look into those. For some reason I thought you could delete the username (like deleting a blog) and get rid of it completely. Thanks for all your help though! :) I think I’m set!



    You be welcome & good luck

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