exporting all my posts to a text file?

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    The export tool is great – but I don’t need all the xml code with it. Is it possible to export all my blog posts in a single text (~.txt) document/file? I would like them in a single plain text file with post title, date, then text for each post. I would like all hyperlinks (from the text of the posts) to be included in parenthesis at the bottom of each post.

    Something like this:

    Title (of posts)
    Date (of posts)
    Text (of posts)
    Hyperlinks(from text of posts)

    ditto next post, etc., etc.

    I will then manually download all applicable media files.

    Is this possible? I’m not a programmer so all the searching I did for (is this the right term?) parsing the xml from the exported xml file just through me for a loop. I don’t get all that code stuff. Sorry.

    Is there a tool that enables me to do this with the exported xml file?

    Thanks for any help.

    Thomas (aka worstwriter)

    The blog I need help with is worstwriter.wordpress.com.

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