Exporting and saving blog contents.

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    I would love to export my blog to a publication I’m preparing. But the ‘export’ function is useless; it seems to just be an instruction to wordpress or another blog on where to find existing content.
    I trust wordpress with my connent. I don’t want to migrate to another host. But I hate to think that all of this my and thinking might be lost – think about all of those generations to come ;-)
    I want a hard copy to publish!
    Can anyone suggest a simpler solution than copying the contents of every post manually and creating a new word processing or publishing document piece by piece?
    I ultimately would like to export the contents of my blog, including images and captions as a pdf!
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is donaldfortescue.com.



    No one can make any suggestions until you give us the URL of the blog in question, starting with http.

    The Export function is designed to export your blog in digital form so it can be recreated in digital form. There is no function built in to blogs to turn them into books; in fact, services often charge a pretty penny for this.



    Actually, with the Export file (.xml) you can use a service like Blogbooker and convert the blog (or part of it) into a PDF file. It takes forever but it worked for me:

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