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    I am looking to export my blog to a hosted WP solution. Instructions are simple enough – I exported the xml file, saved on my hard drive and uploaded to my new host. Nothing. OK, then I changed the name of the file to “index”. Some success….but what i end up with is a page of text link and garbled text. Worse, it looks worse in firefox than IE, but equally bad in both.

    What have I done wrong??



    uploaded to my new host.

    Just to clarify, your new host is wordpress.com, right?

    What’s the full name of the file? Extention as well.

    How large is the file? In kb please?

    You are using the importer at Dashboard -> manage -> Import -> WordPress, right?



    sorry, i didn’t clarify.

    new host is asmallorange.com. file is about 50K, no videos, just 15 or so text posts.

    original filename was “wordpress.2007-04-04.xml”, which i changed to “index” and uploaded to aso servers.

    i used the db-manage-export utility. I would have hosted the site on wp.com, but it seemed (could be wrong) that some of what I wanted to do isn’t possible on wp servers. nothing crazy, just ads, etc.

    i did not post this Q to wp.org, as I did not download the SW, rather installed directly on ASO servers using fantastico.

    Thanks again.



    Actually you should be over at wp.org as that would be the software that you’re using. Even though Fantastico installed it, it’s still regular wordpress and that’s the support site for the software.

    But anyway…

    Try changing the filename to index.xml. You don’t upload the file directly to the server. You have to go through the importer at Dashboard -> Manage -> Import -> WordPress.

    Don’t use the database importer. That would be used for a *.sql file. Use the importer for the *.xml file as that’s the format of the file that you have. The formats are different.

    Put it simply, you’re trying to speak Chinese with a Klingon dictionary. :)

    Hope this helps,



    Sorry, I missed the Trekkie chapter of adolescense.

    I’ll try what you have suggested and if stuck, go to wp.org. Thanks.



    actually, i exported the file (via the dashboard at wp.com) to my HD, then ftp’ed to my remote server. correct?



    The file has to be imported in via the importer located at Dashboard -> Manage -> Import -> WordPress. You don’t upload it via ftp.

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