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    I’ve just bit the bullet and finally gone self hosted with 1&1 at http://www.mummy2twindividuals.com. I followed the WordPress instructions to export and import but only Jan-Mar posts moved over. Any ideas why?

    The blog I need help with is mummy2twindividuals.wordpress.com.



    Hi @mummy2twindividuals,
    You can try to export the content in chunks, use these guidelines to help you further:
    Export Your Content
    Just try that, let me know how it goes.



    Did you receive any message of time out or out of memory error while imprting?


    I just deleted everything to try again and got the following error message

    sorry, there has been an error
    This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number.

    When I googled this, one suggestion was to edit the file to say version 2 not version 1. I did this and it allowed the import but then only imported a few months of my blog rather than everything.


    The same message appears when I try to just export some content in chunks



    Hi again,
    Which is the version of WordPress.org used? Just make sure you have the latest release, have a look here:
    Just check if it’s the updated version and try again.
    Let me know, how it goes.


    Version 4.8. I only installed WordPress a few days ago



    Hi again,
    I will tag the staff to help you out further. They will try and look into the issue or help you via email. Someone will get in touch with you soon. Thank you for your patience.


    Thanks for your help, that’s great…I’m at a loss.



    Hi @mummy2twindividuals, we have a guide here: https://move.wordpress.com

    Usually if you’re able to import some posts but not all, it means your host is timing out, as others have suggested.

    Probably the easiest fix is to use the import as-is, but re-import it until all of your posts and media library items are there.

    Also, if you break the file into smaller pieces, try using a splitter that does it for you, but do remember to not try and import .zip files. If it’s zipped, you’ll need to unzip it and upload one file at a time.



    Thank @pavanraheja and @safedmusli for your help here :)


    Hi, I’ve read and followed the guide you’ve linked above. There is no message abou timing out. I unzipped and imported and this seemed to work but then gave me the message that a new user couldn’t be created(even though I hadn’t selected this) and that posts already existed. I can’t see any posts at mummy2twindividual.com.



    Sorry, to clarify the message about timing out is what I typed here: if it times out, try re-importing.

    Right now mummy2twindividual.com doens’t load up for me at all, so you might need to troubleshoot that with your host.


    I rang my host and was on the phone for over an hour. They attempted using a ftp to upload the files but it only moved over 5 blog posts. They said it was because the export link that was emailed was incomplete and that I needed to contact WordPress. What should I do now? I feel I’m being sent back and forth



    Hi @mummy2twindividuals, sorry, that’s got to be frustrating. Since you’re running your own self-hosted, self-supported installation on their servers, there’s not much on our side that we can support anymore except to maybe give you tips on things we would do if we were in your shoes.

    Do you want to just host the site with us instead so we can provide support? I didn’t catch why you wanted to move to your own DIY installation, but if you’ll let us know maybe we can offer another solution that keeps your site here with us where we can help you.

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