Exporting free Selecta theme to my own domain.(or linking it there)

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    We just have made our blog using a free theme Selecta.(judokowaro.wordpress.com We are totally satisfied with it, so we have decided to export it on our domain http://www.judostadskanaal.nl .The result is a total desaster.Nothing works like it should,no drop down menu, no slide show , posts don’t work, different calendar,even a favicon looks strange.What are we doing wrong? If we would go then for an option of domain mapping -would that solve the problem ?
    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is judokowaro.wordpress.com.



    Please do not ask the same question three times. It only wastes the volunteers’ time.

    http://www.judostadskanaal.nl/ is not a WordPress.COM site, and you will have to seek support for it over at WordPress.ORG.

    If what you want is to use that URL with your site here, then yes, you want domain mapping.



    Sorry , some things are not that clear for begginers..
    If we do use domain mapping ,and assign .NL to our free WordPress site-would it look like it does now exactly??
    Thank you very much for your time.



    Hi judokowaro,

    It looks like you are using the WordPress.org version of Selecta on your domain, which works differently from the original version. If you’d like to work with the version of Selecta you’re using, you can contact the original theme author for help.

    It’s also possible to map your domain to your WordPress.com blog. If you were to map your domain to your WordPress.com blog, yes, it will load your WordPress.com site instead of your current self-hosted site. Please see these instructions for mapping an existing domain.

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