Exporting from WP to Moveable Type…for free?

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    I’m trying to export my blog fom WP to a Moveable Type platform. Apparently, the WP export format is different from anything MT can read, requiring a plug-in to format it so it’s readable by MT. However, I have the free, hosted version of WP, wherein I’m not really allowed to upload plug-ins.

    Is there another way to get the WP export file into a format MT can read? Or am I doomed to pay whatever I’ve gotta pay to host my own WP blog, just so I can leave it?

    Thanks in advance.



    – Install a self-hosted version of WordPress on your own computer.
    – Install WP to MT plugin.
    – Export from wordpress.com and import on your self-hosted install.
    – Using the MT plugin to create something you can export to MT.
    – Import on MT.



    Here’s the link to the FAQ on importing and exported here at wp.com. There’s also a link to the plugin you would need for the wordpress install you would need on your own computer.

    hope this helps,

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