exporting manually (staff, please)

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    In a dialogue with raincoaster, who assisted me in person, staff confirmed my blog to be too large to be exported in any way except manually. Staff asked raincoaster to have me email wordpress support to get the ball rolling. I’ve emailed twice in the past week, but no answer. Can staff help me create a single document of all content -pages, posts, comments? The blog is gapsguide.com

    The blog I need help with is gapsguide.com.



    I’m sorry but we Volunteers cannot help. If you need to contact Staff then all we can do is provide the support link that raincoaster already provided you with so you can contact them.



    She’s contacted them repeatedly as instructed and checked spam and no response yet. Re-modlooking this.



    To recap: staff told her they’d help her with the export, as her blog has so many comments. Nothing has happened since then. What she needs is a clean export file of her blog including the comments. The exporter chokes, because there are so many.

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